About Us

I spent my childhood growing up like any other normal kid in South Africa during the late 80's and throughout the 90's. I became witness to many changes. These changes gave any individual the opportunity to either see beauty or anger and to make the best of a very challenging & fast approaching future.

I think the most important thing I chose to do was to see. I thought I was rather special and part of only a handful who could see true beauty in any ordinary scene. Life goes by so quickly and we speed ourselves up without knowing & for me I wanted to slow things down, frame by frame.

I have a passion for developing Business Brands & their corporate identity, offering photography & videoagraphy production & editing, digital marketing design & design aspects tailored around their needs & target markets.

Our main click is wedding photography & portrait photography. I find myself either on a plain or car traveling to all corners of South Africa - from Cape Town to Durban, from Gauteng to Midlands, from Northwest to George.