About Us

I spent my childhood growing up like any other normal kid in South Africa during the late 80's and throughout the 90's. I became witness to many changes. These changes gave any individual the opportunity to either see beauty or anger and to make the best of a very challenging & fast approaching future.

I think the most important thing I chose to do was to see. I thought I was rather special and part of only a handful who could see true beauty in any ordinary scene. Life goes by so quickly and we speed ourselves up without knowing & for me I wanted to slow things down, frame by frame.

I now spend my time as a travelling Wedding Photographer. (Cape Town Wedding Photographer; South Africa Wedding Photographer; Gauteng Wedding Photographer; Midlands Wedding Photographer; Durban Wedding Photographer)
Since then I have met the women of my prayers. We share the same heart for love & the same love for Jesus.

I am Rudi Stadler & she is Scharnee Stadler and we are Darkwhite Creative

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